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  • November 19, 2012 10:00 am

    30 Covers, 30 Days 2012: Day 19

    Today’s cover was created by illustrator and designer Amanda Woodford!

    Mars’ Run by Sandra Wolf

    It all began with a run through a museum. Only the run was a hunt, and Tyler was the hunted. Or more precisely—the pursued. Why? Because Detective Ame Scott had proof that Tyler had killed a “rat” (one of Mars’ no-income, lower-level-dwelling folks). Tyler would disagree with that assessment, since Footy, the “rat” informant he sometimes associated with, was alive and well when he’d last left him.

    But the detective had to arrest someone—a local journalist was writing about the suspicious deaths and the public was pressuring them to fix the “problem”. But unknown to most everyone else, two corporations were playing with these lab “rats”, while a government official was pulling the strings. All set during the Hundred Year Celebrations of Earth’s Uninhabitability.

    Amanda Woodford is a freelance illustrator, founding member of the Chicago Design Museum, and an art teacher at a non-profit that inspired a disco anthem. She lives in a tiny apartment in Chicago with her husband, Tanner, and her two furry friends Stella & Willis. 

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